Collectively – the feeling that many people have right now is doom. Where we are headed – collectively – doesn’t look good.

As we are taken aback by the American show to elect a new president, it has become harder and harder to ignore or deny this collective feeling that so many of us have.

Listening to the one candidate that indulges himself in tirades of hatred against random topics makes us feel as if we’re looking into a deep, black abyss.
And observing the other candidate sit out and remain silent to all kinds of accusations of broken laws and rules, makes us feel uncomfortable either.

“No better way to show a broken system than to have choices like this.”


Nobody here should be surprised to hear that the political game is rigged. We know this.

I could write long epilogs about voting systems, but that’s not my intent for this article.
BUT, there is something obvious about the American election game going on.

If New Yorkers didn’t declare that they were Democrats or Republicans by October 9, 2015, they were not allowed to vote in the primary taking place in April 2016. 27% of all eligible voters in the state of New York were not allowed to cast their ballots because they are Independents.
Even though political parties are not even mentioned in the founding documents of this country, if one doesn’t fancy the one or other political party, s/he cannot vote at all.


Do you like these choices???
Should you vote for one candidate because s/he is simply not as bad as the other one? – Is this a good enough reason to vote? Is there anything else you can do about it?

We live in an extraordinary reality. We live in a facade reality. We live in a system of shared reality.

We also live in extraordinary times. We live in times that were the subject of prediction and attention of many powerful seers and prophets since centuries.
For instance, George Washington. In his farewell address, he warned about the potential of political parties to negatively influence the American democracy. Today, the two major political parties write the rules for the American democracy. And no one gets to overrule them. It is not hard to see that the political game is rigged.

“Voting is tacit consent for them to do what they do in their way for four more years.”


We need to acknowledge the kind of reality we are living in.

There is the physical level we can and should become active in. If we disengage, we should not pretend the problem will take care of itself. Because it will not. In our hearts, we need to hold the vision of what it is that we want to create. And we need to unite in groups and organizations to address important issues with the best interests of all in mind.
Below I have pointed out a few examples where you can find inspiration on collaborating with others on this kind of problems.


I was talking before about the stuff that our reality is made of. And of course, we need to look at that layer, too, to find solutions and be a part of the solution – for mankind and this planet. But let’s get started with the spiritual plane for now.


1. Spiritual Plane

How do you deal with the political agendas, with rigged political games, with hatred and blame and emotional terrorism that lashes out on you and is trying to paralyze you?

From a spiritual perspective, what you can do is: go within. Energetically, go within.

Do not worry about voting for this one or for the other one. Do not try to figure out the lesser of evil you are going to vote for. Turn within and vote for consciousness. That’s what you should do.
Consciousness is neither Democrats nor Republicans. Consciousness is always independent. Always, always, always.


2. Reality Level

The next level to look at is of course where and how reality is created.
We live in a system of shared reality. There are rules that make this shared reality work.
Everything we see in the mainstream media is about keeping the status quo at status quo.

We have the choice to remain in the tacit consent of how reality is controlled for us. Or, we can take a meta-position and be able to see beyond the hypnosis that is being impressed upon us. We need to realize that information is weaponized against us. And we have to ask the question: “Who’s consciousness is creating a particular media?”

When we learn not to be entangled observers any longer, we realize that it is the dogmas of our perspectives that are limiting us and preventing us from seeing the unseen. When our consciousness finally entangles with the unseen world, it will expand.

Quantum Mechanics 101: “The observer affects the quantum particles.” This is all you need to know to realize you affect your reality.


3. Physical Level

And finally, there is the physical level that is already offering approaches for solutions.

There are several initiatives and groups that have researched on topics like global voting, creative collaboration, dynamic facilitation, choice-creation – and have already found interesting approaches for solutions. There is, for instance, the Global Vote, an initiative where for the first time in history, anybody on Earth can vote in the election of any country on Earth. Such initiatives become possible, as the barrier of the nation concept is finally falling apart within more and more people. Consciousness is rising.

You can check out what the Center for Wise Democracy or The Good Country have to offer, for yourself.
I find the already available approaches on the physical level extremely exciting. They are looking so promising to me that I decided to write a whole article just about this topic. Stay tuned!