Again and again I have come across forms of public censorship in the last month.
In the name of political correctness, people that spoke up or declared their feelings publicly – often times in tense situations – were publicly disciplined, ridiculed or told off. There is a clear tendency of forbidding the expression of emotions publicly.
This public denial of emotional statements is a form of censorship.

Do not buy into such an indoctrination!
Buying into it comes to a price.
The price is the richness of how reality is perceived by you. The price is how you experience it.
The price is your inner peace.
The price is your creativity.
The price is depth. The price is aliveness.
The price is the experience of what life means.

Do not buy it!
Have courage. Stand up and speak up.
Be brave enough to dive deeply into your emotions. They serve a purpose.
The depth and diversity of our emotions are what makes the human experience so rich.

But there is another reason why you should not buy into it.
The censorship of appropriate emotional expression is causing a split in perception. It is causing an indifference to the pain and suffering of others. Its denial pretends there is no suffering, there is nothing to care about. It is a proclamation of the culture of comfort.

“The culture of comfort…makes us insensitive to the cries of other people, makes us live in soap bubbles which, however lovely, are insubstantial; they offer a fleeting and empty illusion which results in indifference to others…In this globalized world, we have fallen into globalized indifference. We have become used to the suffering of others: it doesn’t affect me; it doesn’t concern me; it’s none of my business.”

Source: Laetus In Praesens


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