These days an article got my attention. The provoking title ‘We are now going through it – and this should scare you’, didn’t make me think for a moment. I HAD to click the link.


What opened up in front of my eyes then, was an article that was basically screaming of anger. The anger of a generation Y being, who tried to claim his (modest) demands about an unholy world.
It was written authentically, that I must confess. Unfortunately, it wasn’t eligible for publication. [my opinion]

If there would have been done a bit more research for the article, the author would have benefited by gaining a deeper understanding of the facets of life.

The article rebels against the system’s injustices. Unfortunately, and this is the big flaw in the way he argues, for his reasoning he uses the same method as the system uses for what it does. Need some examples?

  • Revenge: “And soon you will be allowed to make internships with us.”
  • Threat with superiority: “Have a look at the numbers. In about two years we are the majority.”“We are presetting the day and style.”“You should be scared.”
  • Separation: “It is our people, who …”
  • Denigration: “We will make sure that nobody will ever need you again.”


The one-sidedness of this expressed anger doesn’t do justice to many people in our society. As well as to many positive developments.

We surely can debate whether or not there are rightful claims. But disregarding respect and gratitude for all those who take an effort for values and humanity aren’t fair.
To some part, I also identify myself with the generation, in whose name the article was written. And I do understand aspects of the expressed anger. But I do not agree with the articulation that has been made.

What was to read there was telling, indeed.
In the attempt to draw a line between generation Y and the ‘system’, portraying himself as a victim and raising claims, he reduces the injustice of this world onto a flat rate. That’s not an indication of maturity.

These aren’t the goals of our emerging culture.
Their goals are to bridge differences, to harmonize efforts, to connect people and to help them to discover higher common ground.

As questionable as these practices may be that the author had denounced, his angry attack has squibbed.
It wasn’t strong enough. It wasn’t strong enough because it lacked differentiation and wisdom.

It is not hard to see that something isn’t right on this planet. We cannot close our eyes to what is going wrong here.
Surely, we do have a lot of political and economical issues. – But actually, we don’t.
What we really have is a consciousness issue.

Eckhart Tolle

“If we are collectively caught up in separation, hate, judgment, fear, competition and survival, it is no wonder our world reflects that energy. Our beliefs and perceptions literally shape the world we experience.”

What we need is a change in attitude.

  • We need to change the way in which we go about something.
  • We need to stop to point a finger at others and to entangle ourselves in assignments of guilt.
  • We need to begin to setup our systems in such a way that future generations [link to Tomorrow Video] can enjoy the same quality of life as we do today. (We don’t need to be surprised when the unhappy ones riot on the streets and demolish our hard-earned prosperity.)
  • As a collective we need to recognize that each and every one of us has emotions whose expression is important and rightful. Besides, all too often it doesn’t come out good when people get consumed by their negative emotions.
  • Collectively, we need to come to the understanding that all people on this planet have a right to food, education, and dignity. For the simple reason that they are alive and are part of all life on this world –  And we need to be honest here and acknowledge the fact, that the richer continents live at the expense of the poorer ones. I see no point in raising a question of guilt here, but asking about collective responsibility is reasonable.
  • We need to understand that our national identities are only a small part of our personal identity (and not the other way around). We all are a part of something much bigger.

Eckhart Tolle

“Each individual is an expression of the collective consciousness of humanity, and the collective consciousness of humanity is an expression is an expression of the one universal consciousness.”

This article is part of the swindle, in which we – as a society – have bought into.
I have seen a lot of counter opinions who tagged the author as part of a mollycoddled and spoiled generation. I have also seen many comments who agreed wholeheartedly with the author.

Differing perspectives sum up to a complete picture. I often times hold many perspectives on topics. It gives a richer picture.
The only way that we will successfully proceed is by trying hard to understand the bigger picture. “You” and “We” is little constructive, just as “good” and “bad”. Little Red Riding Hood is just a fairy tale.

But the life that we seek to define as a community – is co-created. We are all connected.

Eventually, the author can comprehend this one day, and then he may realize that his anger of this development is nothing but an expression of his own illusion.

We could really need everyone to create a new consciousness on planet Earth: to bring solutions to all these political, economical and societal problems we are currently facing.