There is magic in perspectives.

It might sound bizarre or abstract, but a re-positioning in perspectives can be enriching. Even though “enriching” is still somewhat of an understatement.

Changes in perspective have what it takes for magic!

To allow more than one perspective, often times comes with tolerance. It can annul one’s self-importance. It can bring the insight, that one is living in its own small bubble of reality, that doesn’t have much in common with the big world.  [No judgment]

But it can also trigger boundless astonishment, about how different our ways or views of life are, or our personal programs or limitations can be.

The allowance of another perspective can also trigger insecurity. “How can it possibly be, that I have seen something only this way, or could only see it this way?”

Our mass media are a great example.
From my childhood in East Germany I remember this one-way perspective in news coverage. It was similar to what we hear about North Korea nowadays. A public censorship with a fixed vocabulary.

More freedom means more diversity for journalistic perspectives. Most of our media today allow journalistic comments by external writers. But still, they need to align with the basic tone of this particular media. – A Nazi will hardly be allowed to publish his slogans in the left-wing TAZ, and a conspiracy theorist will probably be rebuffed by a conservative medium.

But there is still a progression to this perspective diversity: multiple perspectives.
This option is offered by those online media who allow their audience to compose online comments.

Here it is becoming theoretical, now. Unfortunately.
Our comment culture reflects where we stand – as a society. When I sometimes scan through the first comments underneath an article, I often get an oppressive feeling. What my eyes spot then, is often times nothing but dull, evil and unbalanced – to use only a few attributes here.

Surely, these are perspectives, too.

But there is no magic inherent. There is nothing uplifting, nothing exhilarating, nothing expanding, nothing fascinating. They are not feeding with excitement, curiosity or tolerance. Neither are they inviting to read on, and they also do not qualify for a cultivated discussion with friends.
No, they lock us down. They attempt to bait those dark sides in us and seduce us to lose ourselves in latent discontent.

And it is oh so trivial! One can hide behind its monitor and anonymously compose triple-D comments. (DDD = dull, defaming, denunciating).

But as uninspiring these extreme points of view may be, they do fulfill an important purpose in our society. Actually two important purposes.

They help to navigate the space. Where is the society going to position itself in relation to these opinions? With silence, rejection, public outrage, ridicule or mockery?

On the other hand, they can be what gives it the extra something. Sometimes, a public debate is simply not ‘whole’ until an extreme opinion has been listened to and validated. It is a way of stabilizing the society: it needs extremes that can be excluded to stabilize a community.

To write balanced comments and express one’s own perspective clearly and with style, isn’t trivial. It means work. Not everybody was born to be a poet or thinker.

The allowance of new perspectives is also not trivial. Knowledge gaps need to be closed. One’s concept of tolerance needs expansion. Or maybe one has to consider the possibility that one’s own opinion is simply far off.

Perspectives have something magical because they are closely interwoven with one’s consciousness.
They can be uplifting or upsetting. And they abruptly can change the way we see the world.

Consciousness is what you are

Consciousness has no religion, no belief or ideology, no gender, no sexuality, no race, no age and no nationality.
You ARE consciousness.

Those abruptly occurring perspective changes often times trigger a leap in consciousness. The previously hold perspective is transcended, and suddenly there is nothing as it was before. Thoughts are spiraling, questions arise, causalities show up … and things simply aren’t as simple as they once were. The relativity has shifted, the old opinion spectrum has become shaky and the world is upside down. An unexpected complexity has appeared.

None of that could have been put into words beforehand.
None of that could have been announced beforehand.
No word can possibly catch the magic of such a transformation.

Many of our perceptions and perspectives will be undergoing a radical change in the next month and years. In fact, we are already in the midst of this process. If we manage to catch our breath from time to time, we will be asking ourselves where this collective madness is going to take us.

But maybe we should just skip this question. Otherwise, we will miss the magic that is inherent in this process.