Let’s remember that we all came here for this.
We knew it would be tough.

Now it has happened.
The economically and politically most powerful country on the planet has voted for a person to be their next leader who is not what this country would have needed to lead the world with wisdom into the future.
Moreover, this candidate represents where the collective is at.

A good part of those who gave him their voice share his attitudes.
Another part has set a sign against the establishment.

Hillary is the face of the establishment.
They might have thought that finally bringing a woman will hit the Zeitgeist.

They got it wrong.

So, now that we have Donald Trump becoming the new president, many of us find themselves in shock.
It is extremely hard to foresee where this will lead the world.

Maybe, old and so far successful relationships and coalitions with other countries will break down now.
Maybe, we see outbreaks of violence all over the US.
Maybe, the predicted fall of the US empire will accelerate now.
Maybe this, maybe that.

But one thing is sure:

Those of us who know about the peculiarities of these special times, need to stay calm. If we allow these energies to pull us into, we’ll lose.

It doesn’t help anyone to get entangled with riots and violence.
Let us cultivate the love and peace that is in our hearts.
Let us remember that we came here to change this world.

It does not mean that we should remain silent, sitting on our sofas and watching old series of ‘friends’ until dawn.

There will be plenty of opportunities to speak up.

The moment is finally here to let go of old conventions. Political correctness didn’t do the job.

Now it is the time for clear, respectful, brave communication.

There are reasons for people to be unsatisfied. Let’s not ignore the reasons that led people to make the decision they have made. We cannot wash that away.

We came here to be part of this era. We wanted to witness what’s going on. We wanted to be a part of it.
Now we are a part of it.

Here’s your call.

Stand up. Forget all these things that people said to you to keep you small and insignificant.

If you read this, this is for you. Your Spirit has guided you to come here.

This is day 1.

You are needed. You have been prepared for thousands of years for these times. The time is now. You know your talents. You know what you’re good at. Get started now. Your contribution counts. Forever.

We are creating a new world here. A world of peace, love, freedom and unity.
Because we are all divine beings. No one is any better than the other. You know that. Deep inside yourself, you have always known that.

Get started. We need you. And we love you. You can do it!

❤️ / Katrin