Today I was made aware of a campaign. It’s a particularly unpleasant campaign towards Teal Swan, who is a spiritual teacher and well known for her weekly video series “Ask Teal“.

Teal is an extraordinary being, with an extraordinary story. Extraordinary horrible.

No matter which video I watched or which article I read, the most basic thing that her publications taught me was: everything is based on vibrations. I knew that before, actually. Everybody here knew it before, but she had made it clear once more.

She cuts with razor-sharp clarity through murky waters, calls things by their names, and is competent to use humor to ease the most delicate situations.

It’s not particularly a light fare that she offers for digestion, but it was more than once that I was extremely grateful that she didn’t use those stereotyped phrases, but speaks out in a way that nobody else dares to do. And I am even more grateful for her focus on emotional healing.

When I first heard of this massive campaign, I didn’t want to believe it, and began a little research. It didn’t take me long to find it.

There is this woman, who claims to be a former spiritual speaker, but now presents herself as being reformed, as she recognized that metaphysical experiences do cause psychological harm, and mental instability.

On her website she lowers herself to present distorted pictures of Teal, and points to alleged contradictions and big dangers in Teal’s publications.

I quickly thought about whether I really want to respond to what she is doing. Usually I don’t do this kind of thing. It doesn’t make much sense to get in touch with energies of hate, envy, jealousy and separation.

But I found a good reason for doing it anyway.
Out of loyalty.

The task that Teal has brought into this lifetime is far from easy. She is one of the best examples for a world engrained in polarity: on one hand there is her beautiful face, and on the other there are her childhood experiences with one of the most horrible thing imaginable on Earth: ritual, satanic child abuse.

I appreciate Teal’s work. I appreciate her authenticity and her courage, to speak radically about the most inconvenient topics. Teal has helped me in more than one situation to get rebalanced. And if I were in her situation, than I would be glad if someone stood by me. Out of this loyalty, I have decided to write a response to this attack against her.

To say it beforehand:
There will always be people who will feel attacked or inferior by some detail of a person standing in the limelight. That’s the way it is. This is called a trigger.

The defamations and malignancy on this website are simply cheap, as is the appearance of the website, as is the third-class picture on the website, the sole fuzzy picture on the lady’s Twitter account, the Photoshopped distortions of Teal as well as the alleged evidence. Simply speaking, this is a smear campaign and a Machiavelli’ thing.

So, how do you actually determine whether something is a scam? How can you possibly know if there are hidden intents behind an exposure, or what the person’s real motives are?

The answer is very, very simple. And everybody can check this out in seconds.

The only question one needs to ask is: “Has this been written in love? Where these exposures made with an intent of love? Does this being serve in love?”

EVERY being is able to get a physical response to this immediately. You need to bring your awareness inward; to whether your body becomes lighter – or heavier as if your stomach would be pulled towards the ground. This would be a clear ‘no’.

I find it sad that this website exists.
But, dear Jessica, we love you unconditionally.
Just know that love is the beginning and always the end. And no matter what you do in-between, one day, love will be recognized by you again, for what it really is. And then you will understand.

Some day our eyes will meet again in a place of knowing.
Until then, we pray for you, Jessica.