Richard Buckminster Fuller

“There is no energy shortage. there is no energy crisis. there is a crisis of ignorance.”

Buckminster Fuller was convinced that using only the technology available already, we can produce enough energy for everybody in the world, while phasing out all fossil fuels and atomic energy. With his characteristic optimism he declared that it is possible to for all humanity to survive at higher standards than any have ever known while employing technologies that do no damage to the ecologically regenerative balance of the environment.

Richard Buckminster Fuller

“It is possible for all humanity to prosper while employing only the natural energy income of wind, tide, sun, gravity as water power, and electromagnetics of temperature differentials.”

Fuller identified the world’s prime, vital problem as:

… how to triple swiftly, safely, and satisfyingly, the overall performance realizations per pound, per kilowatt, and manhour.

He estimated that the average machine was only 4 percent efficient, thus leaving enormous room for improvements, while in the average building he found less than 1 percent overall structural efficiency.