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Bursting Bubbles of Reality

How do we deal with it, when suddenly the layers of our reality are being swiped away, and everything we thought were solid pillars in our constructed picture of reality, is actually … fake?

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The Magic In Perspectives

The moment a perspective is transcended is the moment when magic occurs. As a civilization we are on our way to a leap in consciousness.

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The Awakening of Generation Y

These days an article got my attention. The provoking title ‘We are now going through it – and this should scare you’, didn’t make me think for a moment.

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The Censorship of Emotions

The public articulation of emotions has turned into running the gauntlet. The dictate of political correctness censors what is that needs to be addressed by our society. – Don’t get duped by it!

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Nationalism Is A Cul-De-Sac

Europe is an interesting blend of diverging nationalities. But identity is so much more than this. My identity is far more than my nationality.

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I Stand By You, Teal!

Today I was made aware of a campaign towards someone I appreciate a lot. I usually do not respond to these kind of things. But I found a good reason for doing it anyway.

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Political Correctness 2.0

If we want to solve our social problems, we need to re-invent the way we publicly talk to each other. We won’t get around a new culture of debate.

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Overstepped Thresholds

With the sexual assaults that happened on New Years Eve in Cologne a threshold has been overstepped.
However, when looking closer, there have been overstepped thresholds for quite some time in our society.
Are there parallels?

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The First Mass Media Is Taking A Stand

I cannot hide I am delighted! The first mass media is finally taking a stand.
The Huffington Post stopped covering Trumps presidential campaign in their Entertainment (!) section.
They now decided to call it what it is.

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