This website is dedicated to challenging the old paradigm and at the same token, to expand things to a new horizon.


Everything that is published and re-published here is to support the evolution of every being on planet Earth.


If one wants to live in a flourishing, prosperous, peaceful and joyful world, one has to commit to these attributes themselves and become a part of the solution.



The way our mainstream media reports about what is happening in the world does not reflect what is really happening. Many mainstream media organizations are focused on fear-based reporting, which is driving people into disempowerment. They are focusing 95 percent of their stories on 5 percent of the events happening worldwide.


Our mainstream media is an example of devolutionary synergies, that is, they offer opportunities for denial, deprivation, and repression instead of expression. Nevertheless, there is so much more to be said and shared.


FutureTalks is going to be one of the places that wants to offer more.

FutureTalks is a place for evolutionary synergies, which offers opportunities for nourishment and expression.

FutureTalks will publish non-mainstream, encouraging stories, motivations and inspirations from all walks of life.

FutureTalks wants to be the place people go to when taking a step out of the matrix is necessary – either for their well-being or for re-adjustment – or when they need some uplifting from a world they don’t fit in.

FutureTalks is run by Katrin Anger.


From time to time, I will also post articles on this website that respond to important events or topics and offer my personal perspective.


There are always many perspectives one could have on a topic, and there is no absolute truth. Different perspectives are what enrich life.

Should you have difficulties agreeing with what I post here, know that I value your perspective.


You are a divine being as everyone else is and you create your own reality.

I recommend that you don’t send me spam mails and compose hate speeches, as this will always bounce back to you.

If you have strong feelings of disagreement, it’s best to take a walk in nature and find a way to laugh about it, because the saying goes: “laughter is the highest form of truth on this planet”.

Be reminded that the universe is constantly rearranging itself to accommodate your picture of reality. This means that your subjective, inner sense of “the way that life is” is played out for you in your objective reality. Before you act foolish, meditate about this!


Have a good journey!